about us

Greenshell Studios, LLC is a design and photography studio located in New England.  Our goal is to provide high quality graphics and photos to our clients, making every idea visually come to life.  We have partnered with various companies ranging from small businesses to high-profile law firms.  Our work has been utilized for advertising, company branding, architectural visualization, and full marketing campaigns.

Clients Include:

  • L B Boutin - Author

  • Alares, LLC

  • Kitty Keller Designs

  • Treats for Beats

  • Van Dorn & Curtiss, PLCC

  • Boutin & Altieri, PLCC

  • Hemstitch Vintage

  • Custom Stitchin

  • Brigham-Gill

  • MNBL

  • BodyUK

  • DZLart

  • Lakos Hearing Solutions

  • NexGen Parts

  • Carcode